Sika Epoxy Resin 9100-1

Sika Ltd


the EPOXY RESIN 9100-1 as manufactured by Sika Ltd. It is applicable to cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation in wastewater applications.

This resin is appropriate for CIPP needle felt linings but this approval is limited to the resin only and is not applicable to the performance of the resin within any specific cured-in-place lining or localised (patch) repair system.

Product Description

The system comprises of a two-part (epoxy resin and hardener) system used for cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation in wastewater applications.

The resin may not be compatible with all types of sleeve materials, therefore testing of the composite of resin and sleeve material should be undertaken to demonstrate liner performance in accordance with ISO 75-2:2013 Plastics — Determination of temperature of deflection under load — Part 2: Plastics and ebonite(1).

Full details can be found in the Assessment Schedule opposite.

Approval period

2nd October 2020 - 2nd October 2025

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