CIPP Lining & Sewer Renovations




Approval Reference

Expiry Date

BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. Kg  Berolina-Liner Full Length UV-Cured Liner System  PT/405/0417 30/04/2022
Bluelight GmbH BLUELiGHT® PAA-F Liner™ LED Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining System  PT/437/0519 03/05/2024
Brandenburger Liner GmbH & Co. Kg Brandenburger BB2.5 and BB1.0 Full Length UV Lining Systems PT/440/0719 01/07/2024
Drain Force Ltd Installer of the Saertex M, S & S+ Cured Manhole to Manhole Sewer Lining Systems - UNDER REVIEW CT/012/0419 02/04/2021
GeoTree Solutions Geospray Geopolymer Pipe Lining System PT/414/0218 09/02/2023
iMPREG GmbH iMPREG GL01, GL13 & GL16 Liner Full Length UV-Cured Lining Systems PT/460/0920 10/09/2025
iMPREG GmbH iMPREG GL01 (styrene free) Liner Full Length UV Cured Lining System PT/461/0920 10/09/2025
Inpipe Sweden AB Inpipe Sweden AB's UV Liner system PT/408/1017 12/10/2022
Insituform Technologies Inc. iPlus Composite Full Length Lining System PT/450/0120 15/01/2025
Megha Fibre Glass Industries Limited MFGIL SGRP Sewer Lining System PT/486/0621 22/06/2026
Onsite Rail Ltd Installer of the iMPREG GL01, GL13 & GL16 UV Lining System CT/005/0919 30/09/2021
Picote Solutions Ltd Picote Brush Coat System  PT/431/0918 31/12/2021
Relineeurope Liner GmbH & Co. Kg Alphaliner Full Length UV-Cured Lining System PT/417/0717 15/07/2022
RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd RSM PIPE AID Patch Repair System  PT/483/1220 05/12/2025
RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd RSM Speedy Liner Lining System PT/441/0719 11/04/2022
S1E Ltd Pipe Doctor Patch Localised Repair System PT/484/0421 01/04/2026
S1E Ltd Pipe Doctor Rapid CIP Localised Patch Repair PT/485/0421 01/04/2026
Saertex MultiCom GmbH & Co. Kg SAERTEX-LINER® E, M and S+ Full Length UV Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Liner Systems  PT/458/0620 01/06/2025
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd SPR™ PE Lining System PT/463/0720 31/07/2025
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd SPR™ ST Lining System PT/464/0720 31/07/2025
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd SPR™ EX Lining System  PT/465/0720 31/07/2025
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd SPR™ RO Lining System PT/466/0720 31/07/2025
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd

SPR™ 99-22 ROS Lining System

PT/467/0321 01/03/2026
Sika Ltd Sika Epoxy Resin 9100-1 PT/481/1020 02/10/2025
Smart Lock Pty Ltd Australia Smart Lock Repair PT/432/1218 31/12/2023
Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH Quick-Lock PT/446/0619 02/06/2024
Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH Quick-Lock Flex PT/447/1119 04/11/2024
Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve PT/448/1119 04/11/2024
Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH Quick-Lock Mini PT/449/1119 04/11/2024