Unbrako Wiscoat Corrosion Protection System using Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 with Primgreen LAT 12035 Primer

Deepak Fasteners Ltd - UNDER REVIEW


To assess factory application by Deepak Fasteners Ltd. of the Unbrako Wiscoat Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 anti-corrosion coating to threaded fasteners used with fittings in contact with drinking water.

Product Description

The Deepak Fasteners anti-corrosion coating for threaded fasteners (nut, bolts and washers) is a two-part system comprising a base coat of an electro galvanised trivalent zinc with Primgreen LAT 12035 primer and a thermosetting Unbrako Wiscoat Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 coating.

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Approval period

23rd April 2015 - 23rd April 2020

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