Unbrako Wiscoat Corrosion Protection System using Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 with Primgreen LAT 12035 Primer

Deepak Fasteners Ltd 


To assess factory application by Deepak Fasteners Ltd. of the Unbrako Wiscoat Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 anti-corrosion coating to threaded fasteners used with fittings in contact with drinking water.

Product Description

The Deepak Fasteners anti-corrosion coating for threaded fasteners (nut, bolts and washers) is a two-part system comprising a base coat of an electro galvanised trivalent zinc with Primgreen LAT 12035 primer and a thermosetting Unbrako Wiscoat Polyamide 11 ESY Blue 7265 coating.

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Approval period

23rd April 2020 - 23rd April 2025

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