F.O.G (Food, Oil & Grease)

The inappropriate flushing of non-sewage items is one of the main causes of sewer blockages, together with the associated sewer flooding of property and environmental pollution. A number of manufacturers and other organisations are either developing products that prevent inappropriate items being flushed or products that are suitable to be flushed.

WRc have recently introduced an advice and approvals service for manufacturers developing the following types of product:

Products that stop inappropriate items being flushed

  • Grease separators, to remove fats, oils and greases (FOG) from kitchen discharges.
  • Food waste digestion and composing systems.

Products that are suitable to be flushed

  • Disposable products that comply with the Water UK and/or UKWIR flushability protocol, for example some moist toilet tissues, medical wipes and colostomy bag liners.
  • Biological based dosing systems, to digest FOG discharged to sewer.

A number of manufacturers are currently receiving advice and help from WRc. Some products are currently undergoing assessment for WRc Approved status.

If you are looking for some advice, please contact us and we will ensure that the right person is the first person you deal with.




Expiry Date

 Mechline Developments Ltd. Waste20 Food Waste Bio-digester System 16/04/2018