Drainage Services in Accordance with the Drain Repair Manual 4th Edition

Dyno-Rod Ltd


To assess procedures and working methods used by Dyno Rod Ltd in the investigation and repair of domestic drains for the insurance industry.  

It is applicable to the investigation and repair of 75 mm to 225 mm domestic and light industrial drains for the insurance sector.

It is not applicable to other drainage work undertaken by Dyno-Rod franchises or other associated parties.

It does not imply approval of any materials or products used by Dyno-Rod in the repair of these drains.

Product Description

Dyno Rod provides drainage services for the UK domestic and commercial drainage market including the main UK insurance companies. Dyno Rod offers excavation, replacement, CIPP full length repair and patch repairs solutions. Repair teams are based nationally with the insurance claims handling and validation team based at Stockport.

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Approval period

11th July 2018 - 11th July 2020

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