Approval Reference

Expiry Date

DYKA ULTRA3 Inlet Saddle PT/457/0620 17/06/2025
Flexseal Flexseal's Lateral Pipe Universal Adapter PT/425/0717 30/07/2022
Flexseal Type FA 150B and Type FA 200B Flexible Saddles - UNDER REVIEW PT/382/0415 23/04/2020
Flexseal Unisaddle Type FA 150U Flexible Saddle PT/399/0417 10/05/2022
Flexseal PA Saddle PT/426/0518 30/05/2023
Funke Kunststoffe Connex Junction for Connection of Laterals to Plastic Sewer Pipes  PT/435/0119 01/01/2024
Funke Kunststoffe Fabekun Junction with Adjustable Socket for Connection of Laterals to Concrete Pipes PT/436/0119 01/01/2024
Funke Kunststoffe  HS® Drainage Pipe System. Pipes, Fittings and Special Solutions PT/443/0719 & PT/444/0719 31/07/2024
Metex Online Ltd Nordisk TX11 Rat Block PT/453/0320 03/03/2025
Mission Rubber (UK) Limited         Twistee™ Saddle DN150 PT/413/0118 19/01/2023
Power Technology Services Limited Power Restraint Mechanical Coupler and Flange Adaptor PT/459/0820 01/08/2025
UTS Engineering Ltd Under Repair Clamp PT/388/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd Under Pressure Tapping Tee PT/389/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd Encapsulating Repair Muffler PT/390/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd Flange Adaptor PT/391/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd Couplings PT/392/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd End Cap PT/393/0915 15/09/2020
UTS Engineering Ltd Dismantling Joint PT/394/0916 15/09/2021