Pump and Flow Control




Approval Reference

Expiry Date

Clearwater Controls Ltd Deragger Pro Pumping Station Controller  PT/420/1018 30/10/2023
Clearwater Controls Ltd Deragger+ Pump Controller PT/427/1018 30/10/2023
Flood Control NI Limited (originally Polvic Limited)  Watertight International Ltd Non Return Valve - UNDER REVIEW PT/401/0416 26/04/2021
FP McCann StormBrake Vortex Flow Control Device PT/398/0217 14/02/2022
Hydro International UK Ltd Hydro-Brake® Optimum S and C Type Vortex Flow Control Devices PT/409/0417 01/04/2022
JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd Hydro-valve Vortex Flow Control Device (up to 35l/s)  PT/482/0420 10/04/2025
Norham Camstopper®, CAMV® and RID Pole PT/406/0317 01/03/2022
Norham  Camstopper® Pro-range Stopper PT/407/0317 01/03/2022
Steve Vick International DrainBlock BayTM for Remotely Sealing Disused Drains/Sewers PT/418/0917 02/09/2022
Steve Vick International Ratblock BagTM for Remotely Sealing Disused Drains/Sewers PT/419/0917 02/09/2022
The Flood Company Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve PT/377/0916 25/09/2021
Wavin Limited Hurricane Vortex Flow Control Valve System PT/403/0417 27/04/2022
Wavin Limited Typhoon Vortex Flow Control Valve System PT/404/0417 27/04/2022
Wavin Limited Tornado Vortex Flow Control Value System PT/402/0417 27/04/2022