Connex-Junction for Connection of Laterals to Plastic Sewer Pipes

Funke Kunststoffe GmbH


To assess the Connex Junction by Funke Kunststoffe GmbH for the in-situ connection of DN160 and DN200 (OD) laterals to solid wall plastics gravity sewers other materials of suitable wall thickness such as glass reinforced plastics (GRP) and ductile iron (DI).

This Assessment Schedule applies to the use of the Connection junction with platics sewer pipes of stiffness SN2 (SDR51) to SN8 (SDR34).

Product Description

The body of the Connection junction comprises of upper and lower moulded PVC-U sections.The lower section locks in the sewer pipe and the upper section screws into the lower section.

Full details can be found in the Assessment Schedule opposite.


Approval period

1st January 2019  - 1st January 2024

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