HS® - Drainage Pipe System. Pipes, Fittings and Special Solutions

Funke Kunststoffe GmbH
PT/443/0719 & PT/444/0719


To assess the HS® Drainage Pipe System. HS® drainage pipe system as manufactured by Funke Kunststoffe GmbH.

Product Description

The HS® Drainage Pipe System fittings are part of the HS® Drainage Pipe System uPVC gravity sewer system and are available from DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 800.

The fittings can be used in conjunction with the Funke HS® drainage pipe system and are compatible with other solid wall pipe systems.

Pipes can be manufactured with pipe stiffness of SN12 (12 kN/m2) and SN16 (16kN/m2) up to 5m in length.

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Approval period

31st July 2019 to 31st July 2024

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