Hydro-Brake® Optimum S and C Type Vortex Flow Control Devices

Hydro International Ltd


To assess the the Hydro-Brake® Optimum S and C type vortex flow control devices manufactured by Hydro International Ltd. 

The S-type is primarily used for stormwater flow control and the C-type is used for combined sewer flows and high volume stormwater applications.

The S and C type stainless steel devices are applicable with a design flow rate between 1.0 and 60 litres per second and 3.0 and 60 litres per second respectively. Design head is between 0.4 m and 4.0 m and 0.25 and 4.0 m respectively.

It is not applicable to devices with a design discharge greater than 60 litres per second.

Product Description

The Hydro-Brake® Optimum device controls fluid flow by hydraulic effect without moving parts. At low flow rates the device does not restrict flow. As flow increases, hydrostatic pressure increases creating a vortex within the device. 

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Approval period

1st April 2017 - 1st April 2022

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