MFGIL SGRP Sewer Lining System

Megha Fibre Glass Industries Limited 


To assess the MFGIL SGRP sewer lining system as manufactured by Megha Fibre Glass Industries Limited for the renovation of gravity sewers with discrete pipe liners between manholes. It is applicable for circular and non-circular Type II structural design in accordance with the WRc Sewerage Rehabilitation Manual(1).

Lengths of circular glass reinforced plastic (GRP) liner are manufactured via a continuous filament winding process with diameters between 300mm and 3,000mm. Lengths of non-circular GRP liner are manufactured to customised sizes between 300mm and 6,000mm by the contact moulding or filament winding processes.

This approval is not applicable to:

  • The installation or reconnection of laterals.
  • Performance of the liner end seals.

Product Description

A pre-lining inspection survey is undertaken to ensure the host structure has been adequately prepared.

Individual discrete GRP liner sections are conveyed and located via trolleys from the access point to the furthest end of the sewer.

Full details can be found in the Assessment Schedule opposite.

Approval period

22 June 2021 - 22 June 2026

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