Twistee™ saddle DN150

Mission Rubber (UK) Ltd


To assess the Twistee™ saddle manufactured by Mission Rubber. The Twistee™ saddle terminates with a plain DN150 stub end.

It is applicable to the connection of DN150 laterals to DN300 –DN600 with a minimum wall thickness of 32 mm.

Product Description

The Twistee™ saddle enables a secure and leak tight lateral connection to be made to a larger sewer or surface water pipe without the need to fully excavate and disturb the bedding.

It consists of two components; an EPDM Rubber gasket which has an internal thread and an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) insert that has a tapered male thread and terminates in a straight ended stub.

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Approval period

19th January 2018 - 19th January 2023

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