Installer of the iMPREG GL01, GL13 & GL16 UV Lining

Onsite Rail Ltd


To assess the requirements for the procedures and working methods used by Onsite Rail Ltd for the installation of the iMPREG GL01,GL13 and GL16 UV cured-in-place (CIPP) liner for gravity drains and sewers as defined in WRc Approved™ Assessment Schedule PT/367/0915 (Revised January 2018).


Onsite Central Ltd provide a service to install the iMPREG GL01, GL13 and GL16 UV liner in accordance with iMPREG installation manual(2) for pipe diameter ranges:

  • Circular: 150 mm to 1600 mm
  • Egg profile: 200 mm x 300 mm (252 mm) to 1000 mm x 1500 mm (1262 mm)

Full details can be found in the Assessment Schedule opposite.

Approval period

30th September 2018 - 30th September 2019

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