Pipes, Manholes & Chambers




Expiry Date

AquaSpira Ltd AquaSpira CSR Pipe System  08/02/2021
Asset International Ltd                      Weholite Pipe System 01/11/2022
Avrot Industries Ltd Paladex Reinforced Corrugated PE Pipe System 01/03/2021
Caswick Limited Integrated Ladder System 01/09/2020
Caswick Limited Modular Ladder System 01/09/2021
FP McCann Stormstore Modular Pre-cast Concrete Flow Attenuation System 18/07/2020
Hydro International Ltd Downstream Defender® System 19/03/2023
Kijlstra Precast Standard MS and Trapezium Manhole Bases and Access Chambers 28/04/2019
Kijlstra Ltd Kijlstra Panel System 12/06/2018
Pipex Limited Pipex PX® Manhole System 01/10/2022
Polypipe Civils Ridgistorm XL Pipe System                                                                                    01/06/2019
Redzone Robotics Clearline Profiler 01/12/2019
Saint-Gobain PAM UK Ltd Procedure for On-site Surveying and Labaratory Analysis of Soils 18/12/2019
Tubosider Tubosider Chamber System 15/09/2020
Tubosider Singlestore corrugated galvanised steel pipe for gravity surface water attenuation tanks with a diameter range of 300mm to 3600mm and lengths up to 7m 07/08/2019
WinCan Europe Ltd LaserScan Pipe Geometry Software 31/07/2018


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