Pipe Doctor CIP Localised Patch Repair

S1E Limited


To assess the performance of the Pipe Doctor patch repair system against the requirements of The Drain Repair Book. This assessment schedule is for diameters of 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 225mm.

Product Description

The Pipe Doctor local repair system is an ambient-cure cured-in-place localised repair system which comprises a two part silicate thermosetting resin and a glass fibre mat. The system is supplied with either a summer (s) or winter (w) resin depending on the ambient temperature and size of repair. The system is supplied either in kit or bulk form.

The repair kit for a specified pipe diameter comprises a pre-cut mat either 550mm or 1000mm in length, with factory measured volumes of the resin components for the size of mat, in a twin compartment bag and ancillary disposable items for installation.

Full details can be found in the Assessment Schedule opposite.

Approval period

01 April 2021 - 01 April 2026

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