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Approval Reference

Expiry Date

Drain Force Ltd Installer of the Saertex M, S & S+ Cured Manhole to Manhole Sewer Lining Systems - UNDER REVIEW CT/012/0419 02/04/2021
Gypsum Structural India Pvt Ltd Installer of the MFGIL SGRP Sewer Lining System CT/032/0621 22/06/2023
IWJS Group Installer of Berolina-Liner and Berolina HF UV Cured Manhole to Manhole Lining Systems CT/030/0521 26/05/2023
IWJS Group Installer of Saertex M, E and S+ UV Cured Manhole to Manhole Lining Systems CT/030/0521 26/05/2023
Morrison Utility Services Limited

WRc Approved Installer of Acothane Wasteseal lining material applied using a Schur/Graco/WERMS equipped lining rig

CT/014/0920 15/09/2025
Onsite Rail Ltd Installer of the iMPREG GL01, GL13 & GL16 UV Lining System


S1E Limited Pipe Doctor No Dig Repair System Training Course PT/424/0318 19/03/2023
Sapphire Utility Solutions Installer of the Saertex M, S & S+ UV Lining System for Gravity Sewers - UNDER REVIEW



The Lanes Group Installer of the BKP Berolina Liner and Berolina Liner HF CT/009/1219 19/12/2021