Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve     

Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH


This schedule specifies characteristics for the Quick-Lock™Liner End Sleeve as manufactured by Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH for the rehabilitation of gravity drains and sewers of diameters between 150mm and 800mm and is installed at the end of an trimmed back installed cured-in-place-liner to prevent any ground water that may track along any annulus between the liner and host pipe.

Product Description

The Quick-Lock™ Liner End Sleeve is a mechanical end seal. The LINER END SLEEVE  consists of a rolled grade 1.4571 stainless steel mechanical sleeve, with an EPDM rubber gasket which has integral circumferential seals at either end, with different diameters to account for sealing of the host  pipe and cured liner.

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Approval period

4th November 2019 - 4th November 2024

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